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  • outsourcing-future-featured-image

    The Next Shift In Outsourcing

    By Santanu Ghatak | October 25, 2016

    Anyone born of Indian parents grows up with the adage of doing one’s own stuff by oneself and to avoid taking help, almost totally.... Read More

  • Augmented Reality & Selfie

    Augmented Reality And The Selfie

    By Santanu Ghatak | October 25, 2016

    The Pout… The Duck face… The Kissifie… The Belfie… The Birthie… The Celebrie… The Hellfie… The Safarie… The Shellfie… The Spellfie… The Tourfie… The... Read More

  • Brand - Chart with keywords and icons - Flat Design

    Why Brands Behave The Way They Do

    By Santanu Ghatak | October 25, 2016

    Are brands & brand-makers interchangeable? To start off (before this piece gets into the core question at hand) let’s have a premise for what... Read More

  • social-media-background-check-cover

    That Network Click! (A Dummy Stammer Over Social)

    By Debdatta Sengupta | October 05, 2016

    One day you suddenly find, all the likes that were yours were being followed by many on a daily basis. That day you would... Read More

  • Chess Kings as a business concept series with themes of strategy, mergers, competition, opposition - chess kings facing each other.

    Brands: Awards And Their Sinusoidal

    By Debdatta Sengupta | October 04, 2016

    We have been winning every year. No doubts about that. We will win even more. That is a hope we live by. Real work? Now... Read More

  • logo-design

    5 Things To Consider While You Get Your Company Logo Designed

    By YellowBulbs | October 04, 2016

    Have you ever played a game of recognizing company trademarks by having a look at their logos? If you have played these games, you... Read More

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  • Yellowbulbs is an honest attempt to bring clients and agencies together to produce some great work. Each brief is highly customized and helps in churning out some great ideas. Yellowbulbs is highly helpful and always keeps you informed and updated about the new briefs and clients. Highly recommended!

    Shruti Nair, Co Founder - Social Seety

  • Awesome experience with YellowBulbs.com. Needed promoters for BTL activities in Gurgaon. Everything was arranged by them . Nice promoters and agencies provided by Yellowbulbs. Great experience!! Thank you for all the help.

    Abhishek Joshi, Associate City Manager-Delhi&NCR - Housejoy.in

  • It was a pleasure dealing with YellowBulbs. The deal went through as they perfectly understood the brief ( and the client) and executed the deal efficiently and professionally. My experience with Yellow Bulbs was great and one I could repeat easily again. What Yellow Bulbs provides is not just marketing advisory but execution and it is crucial to understand and appreciate the difference between the two.

    Dhriti Goenka, Director - Emperor Fine Jewels,Kuala Lumpur

  • India is evolving, so are Indians....with the concept of YellowBulbs creating a marketplace for national agencies to come together and pitch,makes our lives easy and bifurcates the expertise to focus on the right one.. #waytogo

    Nikhil Kashyap, Marketing Consultant - Travel Junkie, Rally Driver

  • Thanks Team YellowBulbs! You made my life so easy by providing the right contact for our in-house nukkad natak activity ! So simple and effortless. Could not have asked for more.

    Ritu Bain, Marketing Manager - Make My Trip

  • While BYT works with clients nationally, it is always a challenge to pursue the sales considering it requires travel. One of the first clients we got from Yellow Bulbs is in Kolkata. Till date we have not met them & that is because of Yellow Bulbs. Their self-serve platform & payment processes make us comfortable as a service provider.

    Faheem Ahmed,CEO - BYT

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