Ad Review: Center Fresh – “Chali Hawa”

A marked departure from the humour tales which Center Fresh has been known for, this piece may just be the tactical blunder which every brand needs in its career.

A sweet girl approaches the door and it’s opened by a guy who, though simple, manages to impress her with the fresh breath from Center Fresh. A super tried and tested format that Center Fresh has perfected on, has been completely junked for the sake of freshness (pun intended). Humour has been Center Fresh’s forte and the last piece ‘Yeh Wala’ has been possibly the best piece from its stable. A long break and this departure from what has been working for it shows that the decision makers have been away from the selling mechanism for some time. Unless there is a pricing restructuring, in which case this could be a feeble attempt.

For a product, which is like a combo offer with smokers all over and where it has become synonymous with ‘chiggum’, it cannot be denied that the humour pieces have helped it gain traction and relevance with people who picked it up and no amount of arguing or fancy presentations can let this fact be rehashed in any other manner. It’s time that the HR at Center Fresh (Perfetti) does some ‘Chali Hawa Mastaani’ of its own and lets the brand go back to its elements as soon as possible.

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