Freelancer or SEO Agency: Who Startups Should Hire?

Freelancer or SEO Agency: Who Startups Should Hire?

Of many challenges startup face, hiring is the most underrated one. Yes, while it might not seem like much of a deal, having a good and qualified team of professionals by your side is quite important to grow and sustain your new baby. Make the wrong hires and it could all go downhill from there.

After all, your company is only as good as your team.

So, on the marketing front, the first question that bumps the journey is should the startups hire a freelance SEO expert or an agency? Because, evidently, the former one is a much more affordable option. And like the hushed rule goes for new companies, they should minimize the expenses wherever possible. But the later one doesn’t seem like a bad option either.

Have you just started a new company? Confused between a freelancer and agency?

SEO: Freelancer vs. Agency

Without being vague, the answer to this question depends on a wide range of factors. And yes, while cost is an important part here, there are plenty more things that you should (and must) consider with equal attention.

To help you avoid any fatal step and be clearer on this topic, here are 5 very important questions that you should ask before going either way:

How big is your budget?

Unsurprisingly, SEO agencies charge much higher comparatively, given they employ varied professionals. But this alone shouldn’t sigh companies away—not at least if they have a good marketing budget.

So if your startup has scored a good funding and is financially healthy, always go with agencies. Not that freelancers are bad; but for higher professionalism and better results, a group of professionals is always a better idea than one individual.

If limited in funds, move on to next questions…

What are your long-term plans?

For long-term growth and higher sustainability, you need qualified professionals who are more accountable—professionals who have experience of helping companies foster to new heights. This makes SEO agencies a foremost choice.

But if your startup is seasonal, which isn’t unusual as many believe, freelancers can do you a great job at a fair pricing with minor and short-term SEO steps.

What is your exact need?

When you hire professional SEO expert, you must have certain expectations. What are these expectations? What exact benefits are you looking to get from professional SEO services?

Of course, you want your startup to rank higher on search engine—but this is a rather fuzzy goal.

Do you just want to be more visible on Google and Bing or do you also want higher conversion? How quickly do you want results? Do you also want to leverage high-quality contents to do well on the SEO-end or just the technical practices are adequate? Do you also want your SEO strategy to shape your brand on digital channels or, again, ranking high is more than enough?

Answer these questions to know your exact need. If your requirement is simple, SEO freelancers are go-to; if not, contact a good agency.

What are your competitors up to?

Your successful competitors are a great source of learning. And if you have a company in your industry that has just started and is already enjoying big success, following their suite is a great idea to boost your growth with higher efficiency.

So check their marketing strategy; what kind of a team they have; have they hired SEO and marketing freelancers or have a top agency working for them.

Is your industry competitive?

Freelancing SEO professionals don’t often have the infrastructure, tools and data to deliver extraordinary results. On the contrary, agencies are fully adept with the all required means to offer quick and efficient outcome.

So when your industry is highly competitive and target audience too casual or selective, it is best you stick to good agencies who can work on every front of SEO (technical, website structure, blogging, more) to offer good end result.

Too many questions to ask, we know!

But if you want good things to come, you must be willing to work for that. Start a successful and happening journey of your startup by making the right hiring decision.

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