Hiring Wrong Digital Marketing Agencies in India

Hiring Wrong Digital Marketing Agencies in India

India is in the mix of startup craze. And this has significantly increased the demand for digital marketing agencies. While this is great news for these professionals, things aren’t all fairytale-esque for everyone—not at least for the clients who hire these agencies. The biggest challenge for them, today, is to make distinctions between a good and poor agency. Because, as the old-school economics goes, the higher demand has led to higher supply. We now have a big pool of marketing agencies across India—all claiming to be the “best” at their work. The line that once existed between good and bad service providers has been blurred. And needless to say, this is confusing for businesses looking to hire these agencies. They want the best by their side but can’t find that ‘best’ in the vast crowd.

In fact, taking forums and review websites into consideration, the situation has reached a critical level on many fronts. We’re seeing more and more businesses complaining about their hired digital marketing agencies—upset with the service and inefficacy in communication.

“I feel like I am trapped right now,” said a business owner, complaining about the hired digital marketing agency, on a popular online forum. “While things were going well initially, it all went downhill when I asked them for better result. The monthly reporting went from poor to worse. And now I want to change the agency, but I am afraid the transition will totally screw the digital presence of my brand,” he added.

He isn’t alone. Many share the same tale, foretelling the pain of making wrong recruitment, which eventually took their business to a bad position. No wonder, given it’s a long-term commitment; people are advised to do a thorough research before finalizing on any one agency; because one wrong step here can have hefty repercussion for the business owners.

Have you found the right match? How good and reliable is your digital marketing agency?

What kind of result are you seeing? Is it good? Is it bad? Answer these questions. It is okay if you have landed yourself with a poor service provider. What is not okay is you continuing the relationship with them even when you know you aren’t getting any measurable ROI. So identify the problem and fix it immediately; because you need one of the best marketing agencies in India to reach the top of the ladder.

The easiest way to go about right in this direction is to take your time when making decision. However, you must also be perceptive of taking too much of time; you don’t want to be a victim of paralysis analysis. Look around carefully. Google it out, take references and check some marketplaces. Put together a list of good service providers. Then go on to gauge their market reputation by identifying their client base and past work. After screening, you will likely have one name with you.

You can also look at your successful competitors and check who’s handling their digital presence. If they have hired an agency, you hire that agency’s competitor (after factoring few things). This is a quite simple and quick strategy that promises fruitful rewards.

Note: Regardless how you pick your marketing agency, don’t let the pricing play any critical role. Your decision will always be right if you’re looking for quality and not “cheap” when hiring digital marketing services.

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