Let Me Sport. Women And How?

Nike - Da Da Ding

Comparing commercials to find out what they mean is a task in itself. One has to have a perspective on the subject they ought to convey. Women, their coming of age, their worries and wants over the world of commerce is not a joke. One needs to have immense understanding of their strengths, fears and rebuttals. One has to have a clear thought on how and why they have been long considered to be hand in hand with their male counterparts.

The category of fitness is a jewel in itself. Long it has been that our country has bought gold and tamarind for them. It is now few years since we found they step on a two wheeler too. Right from apparel which makes one sweat less to jogging tracks. Every product that has any mettle of any verb involves staying fit and maintaining health. Lifestyle has long been a genre in itself.

In the next bit of this article, we will look upon and talk on a brand that is the most essential device which aids the entire gamut of staying healthy and growing fitter every day. Not as if it is the most required but is something that everyone craves for. Shoes. That is correct. Especially women. Seldom will we find their feet stinking and them wearing rug old pairs. They prefer matching their walk with every occasion and when it comes to sports and fitness, every piece of Vulcan matters. There’s no finish line on killing carbs. That is the mantra where endorsers step in with the Gods of energy.

Nike has been selling shoes for a century now. Right from beginners to the level of pros, every sort of individual can be tapped in this wide zone and scope of market. The context of pulling in between is to have a look, overs years, how communication in advertising has helped reap a zeal and thought amongst the species considered benign. Not saying this to look down upon though but common perception that is held. The want of going ahead and making fitness a part of exploring health, figure, sexuality and prowess amongst other vitalities is immense. Nike has been a hard hitting sole when it comes to the escalation of sporting as an event that they turned into a personal affair and saga for household women all across countries and continents.

This particular commercial was produced by Nike in the year 1995. The creative agency was TBWA Chiat Day. This commercial is one of the front runners in claiming and making Nike one of the most promising brands amongst women. By simply depicting that by playing an outdoor game or imbibing the free spirit of running, girls of various age groups, while growing up can be aided to have better personalities, stronger acumen, superior lifestyle and things which will lead to their well-being.

The basis of female understanding has further developed into various routes that have been explored by various brands. But Nike seems to have garnered a major role in earning themselves some reputation. A series of personal stories throughout the 90’s by TBWA copywriters filling their own lives through expression to reach out to various women was hugely instrumental in people co-relating with gender equality, crisis and various subjugations that women go through.

Let us move onto the latest campaign that we see as a release in India after 21 years for India by Nike. This close to 3 minutes of a commercial has woven various aspects of games that Indian women have made foray into. A basic theme has been composed to string all the various facets of sporting abilities that women of this country adorn. Right from hockey, soccer, and boxing to free running, hip hop and badminton. Women in India are celebrating and Nike seems to make them feel loud and proud.

This particular free spirit of modern Indian women comes across as a good attempt of an effort. The communication tries to encompass all the arenas that seem city-centric and the attempt to stylize and add pump to this feeling also brings happiness to them. That is a presumption though that needs to be seen. The overall feel seems a little outpaced and the energy vibe that comes out of the edit feels a little tackier than it should have been. Deepika Padukone seems to be in a hurry to dazzle and bedazzle and the hip hoppers and dancers seem to only catch the eye of those who are fisting their pompoms. This particular piece of advertising seems a little weaker in stock than what Nike India has produced before.

The music and the visuals seem to be well versed with the person who relates with the retail of the product. Hinting people who check stuff amidst malls every week will find this as another gentle reminder to visit may be. As far as the product belief is concerned, it feels a little distant than what the spirit of women could have derived for the mass reach sake of the product. The edit could have been more precise and the treatment could have been tighter.

All I kept wondering was what about the archers and wrestlers and various other Indian personalities who pay a whopping contribution as well. I hope Nike comes back with some maniac stuff to chase this little buzz of drool soon.


Client: Nike India
Agency: Wieden + Kennedy, Delhi
Executive Creative Directors: Kim Papworth, Susan Hoffman
Creative Director: Mohamed Rizwan
Writer: Ankita Tobit
Art Director: Anyaa Dev
Planner: Michelle Arrazcaeta
Production Company : Division
Director: François Rousselet
Executive Producer: Jules de Chateleux
Editor: Tom Lindsay, Trim Editing
DOP: Matias Boucard
Music: Da Da Ding – Gener8ion, feat. Gizzle (vocals)
Photographer: Aman Makkar

General Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are solely of the author.

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