Start Up Series #6: The Start Up Infrastructure

Continuing our efforts to help Start Up and SME owners in their brand-building projects, we have curated a few articles that we think will be useful for them. These articles are going to be published as a series on our platform. Enjoy this one.

With the funding taken as well, it’s time to get cracking. The first round of work happened at home or at a friend’s place on what you want to do; free Wi-Fi coffee shops became your adda and the chaiwallah became your meeting point. With the seed funds in, it is time to go to the next step and start working productively.

  1. The Working Space

You and your team won’t be able to work out of the living room or the terrace on bean bags forever; the Start Up will grow and so will you. Working at home has its advantages but you need to dedicate exclusive time to your dream. There are options ranging from co-working spaces (charged by the seat) to dedicated office spaces (charged by the space & location) and lately pubs & bars jumping in the fray with daytime offers on food and Wi-Fi.

KNOW THIS: Whether you are working alone or in a team, it always helps to work away from a home setup as there are a lot many disturbances. A place to sit and work in peace is much required. Depending on your budgets and comfort you should take up a workspace as the priority on your list.

  1. The Internet

Whether you are working at home or at an office setup or a co-working space or just at a coffee shop, it is important to have a secure and uninterrupted Internet connection. Most home networks are secure because you can monitor it personally and set restrictions on access. Even at co-working spaces there are certain regulations in place which make connections superfast and secure, so no virus or hacking worries. Don’t trust the connections at coffee shops and such, as these are public access areas and thus are open networks, so low-risk activities are okay but don’t send confidential plans or use your Net banking from here.

KNOW THIS: Internet connectivity is still largely suspect due to varying connectivity issues. Once you move into your own digs, avoid private Internet connections as there are lax security protocols as compared to government service providers. The plans, charges and connectivity are much better. The only times they would shut down would be in case of global outages.

  1. Computer Peripherals

The ground rule is to always take original products, be it software or hardware. Once you’re on your own, time is a resource and you can’t afford to waste it on spurious & fake products. Be careful on where you buy from, check on reviews, know what you need, go and see it at a store if possible. In times where you will need to assemble your own devices, do it with genuine and warranty backed products so that you get accountability on what you buy. Even for software, while cracks are available for anything, do know that cracks don’t have security patches. So, you never know who is seeing what you’re making without your knowledge.

KNOW THIS: The first cost of buying genuine and service products maybe high if you’re starting out but it is a lot less than if you buy a copy and then waste all your time & money on updating/repairing it. Remember that your time comes at a cost and you can’t afford to waste any of it.

While the three things mentioned above capture everything that a fledgling Start Up needs, there are a lot many external support mechanisms which are required and cannot be bought for exclusive use just yet. This would include legal services (for contracts & agreements), taxation services (billings, tax filings, savings plans, record maintenance) etc. It is always good to start with doing these by yourself before letting it out, that way you get to know what you know and will be able to check on what you’re getting once you have these services with you.

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