Storytelling Amidst TVCs – How Real Can You Get?

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Selling is a tricky business to ponder upon. The merit of a product cannot be bettered but the efficacy of an emotion can surely be altered. It is a business where trends are sights. Recalling your consumer everyday is not a difficult task and bombarding your consumer can be evasive.

There are many ways to translate a brand into numbers. One of the effective ways is to showcase the product and its goodliness. In this 20-20 format of ponder, that seems a little generic. Lalitaji of Surf will not appeal to the clad clandestine today. Or will she? The other way is to harness what others do not. But that seems to be the same net but different serve.

How close can we get to our consumers?

How do we actually know the effectiveness of communication when it is put across the mass million consumers of potent? How does each brand vouch for its numbers? What will the creative seek out of the product when there is nothing new to say? Or wait. There is. One thing can be said in so many different ways and I guess that makes us different as humans. Same for products which hold the umbrella for a brand. Thus we believe.

Fiction can be layered and claimed upon via various star marks of sorts. What it looks across like might hit you as fairy tale. You might like that and go for it. Like a deodorant can make you woo more girls. Or else, a better satellite connection makes you more younger. But sadly you buy once and the product loses its promise. New age?

Ways of enamouring consumers have been ever changing. It is also something where technology plays a role. It makes us believe certain things are out of trend. But semiotics makes us retain what sense or relevance it still holds. Whether you play by rules or by the numbers, both are making a chain and ball on the claim. Technology has techniques to garner. Every technique is built over the last. Storytelling, at the end of the day, to vouch for a product is going to be a successful one only if it emerges out of it.

For instance, Avatar, a movie that created ripples around the globe was built on a technology that had to be written for it. Imagine having such a good story that even technology lags behind the horse. None of that seems to bother our marketing agendas or issues though. We still want to play by lead. Capture the head and heart. How you do it, is completely upto you. The brand per se.

Research and analytics play a vital potential role in the societal cladding of communication that we cut through. If I know how many people use a ball pen to write, maybe I can track down how many people will this article attain a read to. That is the fairness of an equation that can be statistically arrived at. Emotion on the other sense is not based on it. Else Arindam Chaudhary the economist would have turned into a filmmaker by now. Or has he? I meant success still remained a number.

What we do know is that real time attainment of information has led us to produce, gather and manufacture content that seems real, if not feel. A skate boarding trick will look amazing only if it’s shot on a skateboard. Fairly simple to understand but difficult to execute and thus relate to. Only to marketers, seldom gnaws the consumer.

The contention we write all this on is to analyse what comes and goes but has something new to offer. Connecting with real people and see how effective and close a product grows towards its consumer. Making us believe that life is proportioned well within, if not less.

Let’s take the example of an old Coca-Cola commercial which uses its efficacy based on real time humour.

The product reaches to its height out of its sheer value. And how! Just by placing the ones who actually are responsible for making it. In this case the two brand managers who are yet to dig out surveys take themselves to begin with. The outcome is hilarious. Short capped, smart and heavily effective. The commercial goes a long way to prove how reality, if captured in the truest of sense works and makes believe.

Another example as a product would be Dove which has been vowing on documenting modern women and what they feel about simply staying beautiful.

The communication looks a little more clad than the previous one. We are hinting the tone and treatment of the show and tell this entails. Rich on screen, these women come across getting interviewed and finding out the efficacy of Dove as being a moisturising bar, rather than being a soap. Long woes of women stating harshness of other soaps in a gentle, supple manner. They never complain. They score.

Last but not the least is the latest ad we come across in this line of juncture. This one seems to be a crack in the mould though. Staging reality and creating a solution borders line of fiction and questions asked to hint solutions smell dramatic. Are we in a proscenium?

The click above of the latest communication adjoined is devised by Airtel and seems to show a problem and then answer. Well, is that not what Lalitaji was doing back then?

The commercial claims to all callers that they have nothing to hide. They keep telling things they will never tell anybody but the problem maker. Weak is the line of target. It seems. Let us assume all are not Airtel consumers to pat them a little.

Smart. The thought of saying I did not ditch you. Now help us host. This advertisement shows us interviews of consumers who are mad on their own network. Well that is a caring brand we must derive. They also introduce how mapping your own tower is a breakthrough in communications. Bollocks we feel. Nothing to hide is a message generated out of concatenated worries of consumers we see who then grow baffled seeing the giant ellipse of a solution that nobody could ever think about but Airtel. Smart?

The content packs style, lacks merit of understanding and assumes that the users never knew how to swap towers. Black and white are emotions and that is how humans got it as the Benedict. Treatment begins with your own and this could take a toll on this particular new innovation of a commercial. It can boomerang is what the fear of the making suggests. Colouring your own logo can bleed too. I pray it does not do that to them.

‘Kaha hai?’

‘Dikkhaye na!?’

That is a weird zone to be in.


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