That Network Click! (A Dummy Stammer Over Social)

Social Media Background Check

One day you suddenly find, all the likes that were yours were being followed by many on a daily basis. That day you would probably realize that the likes you clicked upon mere gaze held more priority than those you thoughtfully planned. The same day affects your profile.

Let the social side be out of a company’s realm. That is the basic aspiration of many users who have a fair amount of idea basis information provided. Terms of expression can be search centric, or otherwise.

There are some common questions we come across as we delve more.

The constant urge to keep up one’s flow of information has very little to do with finding opinions. It is better to tag than share. But what if both of it is equally upon the merit of the user. Habits comb analysis. At least that is how data arranges itself. This constant decoding of what one user does has no business with personal choices. Sadly, that isn’t today. Or is it beyond our reach circle and into the other flank?

How far is HR beyond us and our socials?

My parents had warned. Do not be active on social media. Why is it something that only they can completely relate to? Their fears stand clear as they could never make online albums one can say, so to speak. Unlike us, who started calling each other on IMs way back. Well, the cell-phone almost scared them. That is not a task but older people tend to make social network a tighter knit. I do not consider it to be work centric yet. Reasons are expressing my likes but not affiliations. That is a grey line somewhat. I chose to be younger. But even younger ones are getting hired everyday on this basis. Are we really that close?

Is it dangerous to post your real likes?

Yes and No. Sometimes you can actually share your timeline. Seldom threads are known to the ones who make them. We the real timers do not vouch for aficionados. Not online at least. Well, that is a count we suffer from. At least, I felt it initially.

Will you ever pay anyone to take care of your disasters?

That is the platform we are looking at when we do not know anything on personal level but are under silos via names we work under. For instance, I have nothing to do with Pepper Munch, but I might be advocating my views for a portal that grows by that name. Not the person but the user. Does it still hold on to any personal relevance?

Millions can be made if your account has a cause to generate any sort of streaming.

Share and view another side to it. That has causes and a change. Usage has uploads at equals. We no longer view ourselves as anything different but par profiles we generate.

Heading for a social flip?????

How far has corporate world got anything to do with but my links? The very links that hold me closer to any claims I make. That can be ascribed to the alias I had created. Am I going to be responsible for my expressions as well? Will someone mark me for the same? At least that is not a hygiene we need to worry about. Well until you have forgotten your password and do not care no more that is.

All these inflictions are nothing but intelligent collation of data that happens to grow smarter upstream. Data is afflicting packets we produce out of instant metrics of actions produced over clicks. Are we even conscious of how many profiles we have or to what extent are they linked with our real information?

Cyber Security Numbers are next on platter:

20 years would be a good time to vouch for Aadhar to completely place biometrics into patterns of access via basic hygiene. Like I cannot smoke more than I have subscribed to? Does that sound scary? Well another 25 years into making. What I really would like to suggest is that a virtual medium only chooses to become what you really want it to deliver.

The phenomenon:

Human resource and personnel management will make gigantic strides in the social being of a human being in the ever growing race. It will account to knowing likes and dislikes over the intensity of click of your mouse cursor and your system. What it really means can reflect many things. Few that were not meant to happen. A lot of things happened during that process. The difference being able to know and take a decision whether you want that person that has that click. I mean does your organization click with him. Rather.

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