It’s Time Now To Invest (Heavily) In Content Marketing

It’s Time Now To Invest (Heavily) In Content Marketing

Content marketing costs 62 percent less than traditional form of marketing and generates about 3 times as many leads.

The mentioned number speaks volume just how capaciously the landscape of marketing has shifted in recent times. While still just as relevant, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has now taken a backseat, heavily relying on high-quality and long-form contents.

(Yes, those bite-size blogs that were solely meant for indexing purpose is a thing of past days!)  

Sadly, even when everything is pointing south, many businesses still fail to recognize the seamless potential of inbound marketing. While they are spending big on promotion, their efforts are hitting the wrong lane, eventually falling flat on their goals.

Some blindly chase Facebook ‘Likes’ without caring about audience relevancy and engagement rate. Other business owners obsess SEO, overlooking the Click-Through Rate and conversion.

In short, lacking the necessary contents to address, engage and convert the target audience – and irregular implementation of absolute strategies that aren’t even based on buyers’ persona – their marketing efforts and investments go in complete vain, yielding no to very less outcome.

“Today, different marketing components are in sync with each other. Contents connect them,” said a content marketer of one of Kolkata’s best digital marketing firms. “Many businesses don’t understand this. Whether it’s social media marketing, branding, SEO or PPC, none of these are standalone services anymore. To get optimum result, smart content is needed in every corner,” he added.

When looked closely, it’s not just a problem with the businesses who are failing to keep up with this surging and imminent trend. Marketing agencies are struggling just as much to cope up with this transition.

According to a research, only forty-six percent of marketers said their organization has a documented strategy for managing content as a business asset. Just 29 percent of leading marketers strategically reuse and repurpose content.

However, things are changing and getting better steadily, admitted a renowned marketing blogger. “Yes, in India, things are a bit slow with agencies still reluctant to accept the power of contents. In fact, many still don’t know how to go about in this direction,” he said.

So, the businesses looking to effectively capitalize on their digital marketing investment, it is imperative that they find agencies that are up-to-date with these changes and have a qualified team of content marketers.

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