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Tata Wiron film applauds the indomitable spirit of the everyday Indian


Conceptualized by the company’s digital agency YellowBulbs, the film has been produced by Fickle Formula

Tata Wiron, the largest steel wire manufacturer in India, launched #RozaanaKiDhun, a brand-new digital film that salutes the spirit of the everyday Indian who has been the force behind keeping India’s economy up and running when everything else seemed to look uncertain and difficult.

Optimistic about the country’s ability to build a ‘Majboot India’, #RozaanaKiDhun is a celebration of a stronger tomorrow, a tomorrow that is fueled by every Indian every day! It captures the spirit of small businesses and individuals who have continued to sing their daily songs and feed their families during these trying times and keeping the wheels of the economy turning.

The film, released on Tata Wiron’s Facebook and YouTube channels, has been conceptualized by the Company’s digital agency YellowBulbs and produced by the new-age content studio Fickle Formula. With heart-rending music from the talented duo Mayukh-Mainak, powerful lyrics by Varun Grover and rendered by the effervescent Swanand Kirkire, this brand-new anthem is sure to strike a chord with people across the nation.  

“Through #RozaanaKiDhun, we are celebrating the spirit of humans who continue to exude positivity and spirit despite challenges, even seemingly insurmountable ones like the pandemic. We see this reflected in our products as well – they enable resilience & strength in structures & ecosystems. Tata Wiron reaffirms its commitment to help strengthen, resolve and celebrate the hope of a brighter tomorrow,” says Vivek Chauhan, Chief of Marketing and Sales, Global Wires India. 

“It was an exhilarating experience to travel the length and breadth of India to capture the everyday songs and silences – especially the quietude of inactivity – that slowly but steadily turned back into the melody that makes the country go round! The spirit of resurgence, revival and optimism of every Indian is what #RozaanaKiDhun is all about,” says Suman Sen, director of the film and also the Co-Founder of Fickle Formula.

“#RozaanaKiDhun represents the soft yet strong voices of India’s small businesses and entrepreneurs who continue to hum the tune of life with unwavering enthusiasm and awe-inspiring positivity to keep the country going stronger and brighter on the path to progress,” says Vivek Modi, Co-Founder and CEO, YellowBulbs.

Published : 11th July,2021

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