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Tata Wiron releases digital film titled #JaaduKiPhirki on World Environment Day 2020


The film is conceptualised by Tata Wiron’s digital agency partner YellowBulbs and produced by the studio Fickle Formula…

On this World Environment Day, Tata Wiron (a brand of Global Wires India, Tata Steel) has released a digital film titled ‘Jaadu Ki Phirki’ to spread the message and inspire all its stakeholders to collectively pursue this mission.

Conceptualised by Tata Wiron’s digital agency partner YellowBulbs and produced by the studio Fickle Formula, the film uses a little girl’s voice to build a world of wonder, one where sustainable development is possible. It reaffirms its commitment to a cleaner, healthier and sustainable tomorrow. A world where sustainability is not just wishful thinking, but a reality. The resolve in this dream is further enabled and strengthened by the Tata Wiron products that contribute significantly to stabilising and constructing structures that enable creation and sustenance of renewable sources of energy in India.

Vivek Modi, co-founder and CEO of YellowBulbs, said, “This one’s a passion project, it’s a film that made itself. I strongly believe that we must move from conversation to action when it comes to the environment, and Tata Wiron has always been leading innovations for achieving a better quality of lives for its customers. As partners, we strongly believe in the brand’s vision, its product offerings and the immense possibilities that await all of us when we realise the potential of it.”

Tata Wiron brand through #JaaduKiPhirki issues a timely reminder about how human aspirations and nature can co-exist in harmony.

Anurag Pandey, chief of marketing and sales, Global Wires India, Tata Steel, said, “At Tata Wiron, sustainability is part of our core values and all our endeavours are aligned to this ethos. We have been contributing to enablement of clean sources of energy with our product applications ranging from windmills to nuclear power plants for some time now. With this film, we are trying to reinforce the belief that a sustainable tomorrow is possible. Stories like these will surely further this vision of tomorrow and inspire more people to join the cause.”

Suman Sen, co-founder, Fickle Formula, said, “The story that we are telling in this film is compelling because the truth behind it is even more so. I wanted to ensure that this sense of curiosity and creativity that inspires the brand to come up with innovative ideas forms the fabric of this film. I’ve always been fascinated by the paper cut animation style, it evokes a sense of unworldly interest. We had a wonderful experience working on the project, thanks to Tata Wiron team for their active involvement and support.”



Published : 5 June,2020

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