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Tata Wiron releases its new brand film #SunahreKalKiOar on Father’s Day 2020


The film highlights the lives of farmers who raise their crops like a father raise his children.

In the film, the protagonist, a grape farmer, narrates a personal story about how his father has always inspired him to take care of each seed that he sows like his own child one to rear, provide for, nurture and protect. The farmer is keenly aware that the literal fruits of his labor are much more than just that, like every child growing up – they represent the potential and promise of tomorrow. Conceptualized by Tata Wiron’s digital agency partner YellowBulbs and produced by the studio Fickle Formula, the film was shot in lush grape farms of western ghats in Maharashtra.

Commenting on the film, Anurag Pandey, Chief of Marketing and Sales, Global Wires India, Tata Steel, said: “At Tata Wiron, farmers form a core of our customer community.Stories like these reinstate our commitment to innovate and make a better quality of lifefor our customers. We sincerely hope this will build optimism as we move towards tomorrow with hope”

“This film was loved from the moment we first narrated it to the Tata Wiron Team. We have attempted to bring out the deep relationship of the farmer and his crop, like the unspoken and deep bond of a father and child. As a brand, Wiron is aware of the trust that farmers place on its products. The film captures exactly that and touches upon the role that Tata Wiron plays in their lives and their dreams of tomorrow.” says Vivek Modi,Co-Founder and CEO of YellowBulbs.

When asked about the choice of form, Suman Sen, Co-Founder, Fickle Formula, said: “The film is an outcome of exploration. We wanted to create a tender yet emotionally layered film on relationships. The specific look has been created after a lot of experimentation, it’s one that gives the narrative, the most organic and intimate perspective. Each element of this film – from cinematography to the music to production design – has been carefully woven to bring out earthiness. The subtle lyricism of the film denotes the core fabric of the brand”.


Published : 22 June, 2020

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