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Tata Wiron salutes India’s resilience in pandemic


The ad film captures the spirit of businesses during the pandemic…

Tata Wiron, the steel wire manufacturer, has launched #RozaanaKiDhun, a brand-new digital film that salutes the spirit of the everyday Indian who has been the force behind keeping India’s economy up and running when everything else seemed uncertain and difficult.

#RozaanaKiDhun is a celebration of a stronger tomorrow, a tomorrow that is fueled by every Indian every day. It captures the spirit of small businesses and individuals who have continued to sing their daily songs and feed their families during these trying times and keep the wheels of the economy turning.

The film, released on Tata Wiron’s Facebook and YouTube channels, has been conceptualised by the company’s digital agency YellowBulbs.

Published : 9th July,2021

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