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YellowBulbs invests in the Mumbai based content studio Fickle Formula


Understanding the demand for & impact of audiovisual content, YellowBulbs, the Noida based marketing solutions company, had decided to partner with Mumbai-based, new-age hybrid studio, Fickle Formula, founded by Suman Sen, specialises in media-agnostic content solutions.

Fickle Formula has already started strong, with a diverse initial body of work. Their first production #Tiyasar Khoj for PACE IIT and Medical, a content-led campaign that was rooted in CSR made a ripple in the market. They have also bagged a few audio-visual projects with Radio Mirchi. Recently, they have created the launch campaign with a vertically immersive video for a Singapore-based Technology Company called Houm.

Speaking about the development, Vivek Modi, CEO of YellowBulbs and Director Business, Fickle Formula, believes in “Evolve to Solve”. The moment advertising became disruptive to the consumer experience and content became one of the only ways forward to steer clear of ad blockers, Vivek was interested in making strides in that direction. His investment in Fickle Formula ensures that YellowBulbs, an organization which promises to be the extended marketing arm of brands, is well equipped to tame this beast called audio-visual digital content. In fact, YellowBulbs has already successfully forayed into original digital content, with ‘Kahanibaaz’, a short film they produced for Royal Stag Large Short Films, which has over 1.5 M organic views just on YouTube and has been shortlisted in various film festivals around the world

Suman Sen, founder & Director of Fickle Formula, lives and breathes content. He is a transmedia storyteller presently working as a Director & Creative Producer. His stint at storytelling began in traditional advertising. He has always believed in the riding the highest tide, and from early social boom days, Suman had quickly realized the power of technology and how the right usage can take storytelling to the next level. Fickle Formula is his way of putting that to action. He is very excited with having YellowBulbs as a partner that has enabled him to have a multi-city presence. Suman is looking at creating immersive multi-platform content keeping the Brands in its core.

Fickle Formula believes that the world is loyal to nothing but “now”, and that tailgating time is the only way to catch up. Never wary of changing course, the studio works to unlearn as fast as they learn. In near future they want to work with agencies, publishers and brands, with emerging technologies to create more effective branded content, creating content led IP’s and collaborating with distribution networks to explore the full potential of new media.



Published : 11 March,2019

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