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The Selling Process

The Selling Process

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10 things to maximize benefits

Benefits Upload your portfolio, and add client’s testimonials and logos in order to give the Marketer a clear idea of the services you provide.
Benefits Check your Account Dashboard regularly and bid for all the briefs relevant to your category.
Benefits For increased visibility on our platform, upload ready to use Brand Boxes.
Benefits Aim for YellowBulbs Verification. Verified Solution Partners get featured on the Solution Partners’ scroller available on service pages across the website and the Marketer’s Dashboard.
Benefits Chat with a Marketer once they have shortlisted your bid and ensure that the two of you are on the ‘same page’ regarding the project. (Pun intended!)
Benefits For great experience and a virtual hand holding by YellowBulbs, we recommend that you follow the entire transaction process.
Benefits Chat with our Marketing Assistants and clarify all the doubts you have about our platform. Overcommunicate with us. We love to chat with you.
Benefits Don’t share your contact information while bidding for a brief.
Benefits Don’t use your company name or logo during Sign Up.
Benefits Read the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy carefully before you Sign Up.

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This box has been created for you to make a better impact on the Marketers.

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