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Design & Communication

Shreesh Shankar
Agency, Bangalore

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About this Brand Box

In the world of marketing, a book is judged by its cover. With the product as the story, we ensure that’s its cover or packaging generates multi-level interest. Right from premium chocolates to wine / whisky / cookies, we will ensure that your product gets its weightage and will surpass the competition in the retail shelf. We can also suggest innovate dynamic labelling patterns and packing methods

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Term Sheet

A) Deliverables

  • - A well thought through research and understanding of the segment and we present a strategy for the brand and position the brand
  • - Brand name as per the strategy
  • - Brand idea
  • - Packaging design options (the brand logos will be presented alongside the pack designs. This will ensure that the logo is scalable and adaptable to varied sizes
  • - if your brand has more than one product, we will suggest the right brand architecture so that the sub brands are aligned to the mother brand.
  • - Final artworks of approved packaging designs.
  • - No restrictions in number of options, however if the project extends for more than one month, a pro-rated charges will apply on a daily basis.

B) Timelines

  • 30

C) Payment terms

  • Payment term is 100% advance to nodal a/c