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SEO using Inbound Methodology
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About this Brand Box

On-page optimization for landing page/individual page of website which includes automation of title, URL, image alt attributes, internal linking and external links. It includes additional deliverables like creative (2 nos.) for landing page which will be promoted on social media, content optimization, preparing buyer persona (1 persona), keyword research as per stage of buyer’s journey.

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Term Sheet

A) Deliverables

  • • On page SEO
  • • Define buying persona for Landing Page
  • • Keyword research around buyer persona
  • • Content optimization
  • • Promote your content
  • • Page title and URL optimization
  • • Image Optimization
  • • Internal and External links
  • • Mobile responsiveness

B) Timelines

  • 3-4 working days

C) Payment terms

  • Payment term is 100% advance to nodal a/c