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Design & Communication

Ashish Wasal
Agency, Faridabad

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About this Brand Box

Your business identity and promoting the brand name & its services are the most important medium of conveying your message. We design strategies after completely understanding your business needs and all our packages are designed keeping the uniqueness and professionalism in our minds.

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Term Sheet

A) Deliverables

  • Deliverables which we plan to offer in the packages are mentioned below.
  • - Designing of the Logo with multiple options.
  • - Designing of up to 5 Business Cards
  • - Designing of Table Calendars.
  • - Designing of Brochure - 8 sides (i.e. Either 3 fold or booklet)
  • - Designing of Letter Heads with 2 Options.
  • - Designing of Envelope Cards with 2 Options.
  • - Designing of ID Cards with 2 Options.
  • - Designing of Paper Advertisement (1/4th size)
  • - Designing of Web Posters or Banners - Upto 5 in total.
  • The process would include gathering information in round 1 and designing the Logos to finalize the look and feel of the Company. Once logo is finalized, we will move to the designing of the other Deliverables in the Package.

B) Timelines

  • 3-4 Weeks

C) Payment terms

  • Payment term is 100% advance to nodal a/c