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Voiceover for TV Commercials upto 60 seconds
Product Code:246

Audio & Radio

Abhishek Obheroi
Expert, Mumbai

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About this Brand Box

1) This Brand Box is specific to TV Commercials. 2) I can record in English or Hindi. Whichever language the client chooses to record in. 3) Clarity of speech, perfect pronunciation and diction. 4) Neutral accent. However, can give my accent an Indian or Western touch depending on the client's requirement.

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Term Sheet

A) Deliverables

  • 1) Studio Cost: The cost includes the studio charges for this recording.
  • 2) FInal Product: The final master will include 2 options.
  • 3) File Format: The final product will be in MP3 or WAV format. As per the client's requirement.
  • 4) Versions / Cutdowns: Should the client decide to use this voiceover for other versions or cut downs. There will a nominal charge 50% per version.

B) Timelines

  • 2 Days

C) Payment terms

  • Payment term is 100% advance to nodal a/c